Case Studies

We will gladly put you in direct touch with clients for references. Mango personnel have handled USA market entry projects for many clients, large and small.

White Paper USA Retail Market

1. Situation: Client is a start-up with a hi-tech personal audio device that was ready for market after a 3-year development program. Client intended to launch through OEM partners, but realized that this direction provided insufficient margin and control.

Mango’s Role: Mango developed and executed a retail rollout strategy under tight budget constraints at short notice. Included appointing a rep network, negotiating promotional programs, developing appropriate support collateral, and securing listings with key national consumer electronics accounts.

2. Situation: A European provider of telecoms switching capacity seeking to expand its business in the USA prepaid calling card market.

Mango’s Role: Mango identified a local distributor, and assumed direct operational responsibility during start-up. Mango manages client’s USA operation and has grown its business from zero to $5 mill monthly, since start-up in 2005.

3. Situation: Client is an inventor, having developed working prototypes of specialty pumps for the cooling of CPUs, and having wide-ranging intellectual property in areas such as remote-switching, specialty batteries, etc. Client had little business experience and had lost money over several years.

Mango’s Role: Mango wrote the client’s first formal business plan, accompanied the inventor to Europe, and introduced him to a UK-based investor, who funded the industrialization and marketing of the first product.

4. Situation: A South African management consultancy, with expertise in performance improvement in gold mining operations, and other heavy industries (ports, railways, public utilities, etc) desired to expand internationally.

Mango’s Role: Mango functioned as the central international marketing and sales office, and secured meetings for client consultants throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. We coordinated marketing outreach and preparation of proposals and assumed responsibility for international business development until client was established.

5. Situation: Client had developed a spring-powered radio, enabling the battery-free operation of portable electronics devices, including flashlights. Client initially needed to grow its business in the USA.

Mango’s Role: Mango personnel launched the products in the USA through sporting goods and consumer electronic retailers and grew sales to $25 million annually over a 2-year period. Mango personnel assisted in securing client’s first major investment, and subsequently went on to head up the international sales and marketing. Client now listed company on AIM (London Stock Exchange).

6. Situation: Large Spanish-based exporter of canned fruits and vegetables seeking to expand its USA private-label sales, and establish its brand name in the USA.

Mango’s Role: Mango personnel established a USA-based sales office and expanded sales with national food retail chains to the full capacity of the client’s plant.

7. Situation: International packaging conglomerate seeks to launch new barrier-plastic containers for food and beverage applications.

Mango’s Role: Mango personnel worked with USA-based technology partners to introduce these systems directly to the large USA-based food and beverage brands.