What to Think About When Planning a Bathroom Remodel

bathroomIf you are looking at remodeling your bathroom, then there are some considerations you need to have before you get too deep into the planning stages. Here are some things you have to think about if you want the remodel to be a success.

Who Is It For?

Your bathroom is going to serve a certain set of individuals. If you have more than one bathroom in your house, then odds are that each bathroom will be used typically by a specific group of people- generally whoever has their bedroom closest to that bathroom.

If the new bathroom will be mostly used by your kids, then you want to make sure you include faucet handles that are easy to turn on and off. You also want a bathroom that is relatively easy to keep clean and that can handle a little wear and tear without looking shoddy after a while.

How Much Space Will Be Left?

Your bathroom has limited space for you to plan your changes in. Have you thought about how much space is going to be left over after everything is installed? Consider the size of every item that will be going into the new bathroom. Will that leave enough space to move around comfortably and to make the bathroom accessible and functional? These are questions you should be asking long before the contractors start tearing down your old bathroom. You need to make sure your plans include enough space of the bathroom to be comfortable.

Will It Be Functional?

So you have all the fixtures planned for the bathroom, but have you thought about how they work together? Will the toilet offer enough privacy, and does the shower open in such a way as to not get in the way of the bathroom door? You have to consider how every fixture will work and make sure that anyone who uses the bathroom will be able to enjoy a feeling of privacy. This also extends to the windows. If there are going to be large windows on the bathroom, then concession need to be made to ensure there is enough privacy in the bathroom.

There also needs to be ample lighting in there to ensure that whoever is using the bathroom is safe and is able to use the bathroom effectively. If you are relying on natural lighting for much of the bathroom, you need to make sure there is task lighting at key places, such as by the sink.